Allowlisted for Pyxis or ARC Stellars?

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Yi Ming Ng

Web3 is not a destination, it is a door into the future. But like any machinery that needs to run on power, Web3 needs to be fueled by talents.

What it needs are skilled, passionate and innovative people that can shape its future, while solving all its kinks and making it better by the day. Currently Web3 has only 18,000 monthly active developers, which is merely a drop in the ocean.

Developers are the brains behind Web3 right from ideating to laying its building blocks to shaping its future. We need to fuel their passion, upgrade their skills and create jobs which will catalyse the growth of Web3.

At Tribe, we are putting a spotlight on these talent issues, and showcasing how collaborative and collective measures will be key in solving them. With the aim of powering the next wave of talents and companies’ leap from Web2 to Web3, we have been working with various organisations to build the fundamental blocks of Web3 – mainly in education, talent and innovation.

We’ve also powered over 40 startups with diverse blockchain use-cases through our accelerator arm. One of them, Accredify developed a blockchain-based digital health passport that stored COVID-19 test results, enabling travel between countries. Another, AID:Tech, uses blockchain technology to provide a legal digital identity to those without traditional documentation, offering microinsurance to 2 million uninsured and underinsured women in more than 10 emerging markets.

The road ahead is incredibly exciting, and I see many synergies between Tribe and ARC in building the road from Web2 and Web3. ARC is bringing together the best of the Web2 and Web3 worlds together and this powerhouse of connections makes it a great community to be part of.