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We are a members-only community that brings the intellectually curious, passionate builders, and culture-pushers together for
co-creation, play and growth.

To become an ARC member

You’ll need to mint both Pyxis, our free curation and account-bound token, as well as ARC’s NFT. You’ll then be able to unlock the full suite of utilities as an official member, including the ARC app.

Join Us

As a member, you’ll enjoy

  • Access to the ARC app where you’ll get to make new connections within the community

  • Exclusive content programming co-created and led by community members

  • IRL and in-app experiences that enable co-creation, play, and growth

  • Lifestyle bonuses and partnered merchandise

Together, let’s build a space where we can:

Be open

For sincere, genuine conversation
to arise


The magic of playful co-creation

Welcome growth

In every shape and form

Be joyful

The most courageous way
to live and learn


To bring ideas to the forefront


To flourish alongside each other