Allowlisted for Pyxis or ARC Stellars?

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“I like thinking about things from a lens of having nothing to lose.

Like how I ended up in Singapore. Someone told me four years ago that I should come to Singapore because it’s good for what I was building and I literally got on a flight the next day. I like not overthinking that much and having to plan everything out.

I apply that lens on everything I do. For the last four years, I’ve been mostly working on crypto and then last year I decided to jump to biotech, which is a bit of a switch. And if today someone told me that to go to America for biotech, I probably would.

There’s so much to unpack from biotech. On the agriculture side of things, there’s a lot of synthetic biology going on. For instance, you can program cells to create different proteins, fertilisers, and the sort. So there’s an example of where you can program the microbiome of soil to release more essential things that a fertiliser needs to use.

And in therapeutics, there’s a lot of AI work that’s going into it now, like predicting how you can bind things together. So maybe you have this protein that’s causing Alzheimer’s and you want to find a way to find a way to bind to it to take it out. Soon, we can find a way to make that happen using machine learning models to predict what they will do.

Whether it’s crypto or in biotech or any space, asymmetrical information is the main differentiator. There are just insights or information that’s being shared on private chats that experts have with each other. It’s always about access, access to information, roadmaps, and so on.

So with ARC, the two big things for me are access and coordination. Having access to experts and having the right platform to connect the dots. That’s what’s unique about the community and how it bridges something digital to the physical, which has been a missing puzzle piece in the space.”