Allowlisted for Pyxis or ARC Stellars?

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Paige Parker

We have to stop talking about gender diversity; instead, we have to commit to making real change.

A recent McKinsey report showed that men garnered 85% of venture funding in the US compared to a paltry 2% for all-female teams. And the blockchain “Bro” world looks pretty similar with a vast gender gap with crypto investment and ownership.

Male allies must make sure women are at the table. I think too often, women are fearful to get into the Web3 space, saying “I’m not an expert”, but there are very few experts at this point.

The jargon and lingo can be off-putting, but tech is a massive enabler, and as women, we just need to raise our hands, ask questions, educate ourselves, and explore to ensure we are a part of this next gen of tech.

What’s more, we don’t promote enough, the women who are kicking ass and keen on Web3.

Some incredibly cool women I know are in this space – Tan Su Shan at DBS is a proponent of Web3, Dr. Ayesha Khanna runs an AI company, artist Shavonne Wong is a leading NFT artist and curator/writer/lecturer Clara Peh founded NFT Asia, which promotes Asian and Asia-based artists.

Things need to change for Web3 to be more inclusive. ARC events that bring women to the table for discussion and education will move the needle forward.

In fact, I’d strongly encourage male ARC members to educate your mom, sister, spouse, and co-workers. Inclusivity cannot be decreed: it must be enacted by all of us.

ARC can make a positive impact in the Web3 world, and I’m excited by the potential collaborations amongst members. Who knows what we all can do together?!