Allowlisted for Pyxis or ARC Stellars?

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Lil Bubble was the perfect project for me as it blended my love for crypto and music.

I started off by making crypto meme videos after falling down the rabbit hole back in 2017 – funny movie scene edits and the like. Some of those garnered millions of views but bigger channels started ripping them off. So I wondered if I could overcome this by inserting myself into the meme.

The idea to make parody songs came quite naturally after. I’ve been making music most of my life. But I needed an alias. A space suit fit the song “When Moon?” and played into crypto’s moon stereotype. I gave him a whiny voice, kept the production super rough and meme-like. And since TheCryptoBubble was my handle on socials, I landed on the name “Lil Bubble”. Character complete!

When NFTs came into the foray, it felt like the stars had aligned. I was making Web3 music before the NFT boom so it just feels like a very natural next step and one that is totally suited to my passions and skills. It allowed me to connect with the community in a more meaningful way using actual Web3 tools and it’s also exciting to add more of my graphic art skills (my day job) to the mix.

When my friend Gab introduced me to Arc, I was excited to see a range of awesome creators already on board. Being based in Australia it can feel a little isolating when a lot of the networking happens on the other side of the world.

I also handle most things myself – music, video, art, website and socials, so it’s easy to get caught in your own little bubble (lol).  But you can only grow so much on your own. So it’s cool to have a place to engage with fellow Asia-Pacific builders and just a diverse group of creatives.

I’m really excited to join a community of like-minded people with different backgrounds and different strengths, somewhere we can help each other grow in ways that push the whole space forward.