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At ARC, we believe that when like-minded people come together, it can spark infinite possibilities.

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We are passionate about meeting people who beat the same heart as we do. If you are someone who embodies our community-driven qualities, we want you!


We’re looking for those who are progressive, open and ready to embrace diverse opinions and robust exchanges.


At ARC, we believe in giving value to receive value. Are you ready to help other grow so we can all grow stronger together?

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We want to bring curated individuals together with a diverse range of resources, ideas, skill sets and networks. What's your story?

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How can I be prioritised to mint ARC Stellars?

Only Pyxis holders will be able to mint ARC Stellars. As this is a smaller collection targeted at bringing on Founding Members, not all Pyxis holders will be able to mint this collection. To increase your odds, here are some things you can do:

  • You have demonstrated that you’ll be able to bring value through the pooling of your resources, ideas, skill sets and networks with the ARC community OR
  • You have participated in our BYFOB (Bring Your Friends On Board) programme OR
  • You are an active contributor to the community

While minting Pyxis early will be one of the considerations, the 3 points above will play a bigger role in improving your odds.