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Graphic Designer (Part-time)


Role description

ARC is looking for a Graphic Designer / Illustrator that is able to bring our vision to life in the digital world. The role will mainly involve creating designs and digital illustrations for social media assets.

We are looking for someone who understands the power of design to capture the attention of the right audience, and communicate a message with clarity.

Do note that this is a part-time role, and would require you to be based in Singapore.

About you


  • Conceptualise visuals and creating templates based on branding requirements
  • Develop illustrations, GIFs and chat stickers for Instagram, Twitter & Discord
  • Work with marketing, community and content teams to produce brand and social assets for various channels
  • Ensure final graphics and layouts are visually appealing, consistent and checked for quality


  • Familiarity with Web3 design language and style
  • Minimum 1-2 years working experience in a graphic design and illustration role, or a relevant portfolio


About ARC

ARC is an app-based NFT membership private platform designed as a safer, kinder social space on which to connect, collaborate and create unique online and offline experiences together.

What are we doing in detail?
A community-led product, ARC’s purpose is to bring together the region’s dynamic and purpose-driven generation into a high-trust environment to create collaborations and fun, engaging experiences together in the online and offline worlds.

At the intersection of Web2 and Web3, ARC is a bridge between worlds.
In addition to features in the ARC app like Members’ Discovery, Walls and Rooms for thoughtful conversations, its NFT membership will provide members with access to one-of-a-kind experiences, offline locations with partner merchants or establishments owned by ARC members; a passport to discover the ARC metaverse; as well as early access to ARC’s projects and artists’ works.

Why might you want to join us?
Unlike exclusive clubs, ARC is the only one of its kind that connects the region’s most talented public figures across borders on a safer, kinder virtual space, not just for networking purposes and access to unique experiences, but also to create shared value as a community – from passion projects to collaborations.

ARC beta is now available in the Apple App store and boasts a stellar cast of community members – from the region’s top entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, Web3 builders and crypto experts to its thought leaders and top creatives

What makes us special?

  • A hybrid work culture that is quality instead of quantity focused
  • Active enthusiasts using social presence to embrace Web3 through NFT
  • Global product, with an Asian-focus, headquartered and built out of Asia
  • ARC believes that community-led products are the future. A thriving and engaging community like ARC has yet to be attempted in Asia and ARC is at the forefront of it.