Allowlisted for Pyxis or ARC Stellars?

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Shaun Heng

The best developers, product managers, designers, etc. all face one issue, finding the best teams to work with. So our pitch to builders is always: “Just imagine the smartest people working on the coolest stuff in Web3. That’s the dream team we’re building at Spartan Labs.”

As founders, we’re always trying to find the best investors and we’re always trying to build the best product. But what we often overlook is building the best team.

Founders should really aim to seek more of the top builders: developers, marketers, product designers, researchers, and leaders, to form a formidable team, ready to take on the challenges of building up a company and product from the ground up.

When you have assembled a strong team, this is a team that will fight for you to push through adversity and one that will be driven to achieve aggressive milestones for the team. With a strong team, the rest will come naturally. The importance of building a driven and capable team cannot be overstated, especially over finding good investors.

It’s also important to have a wide network, especially in a space like crypto where the whole industry moves really quickly. Even within a team as lean as Spartan Labs, we have team members that are plugged into every vertical in the crypto space, be it DeFi, GameFi, NFTs, metaverses, privacy protocols, and more. This ensures that we cover as much ground as possible to minimise missing out on opportunities and gaps in the space which the team can capitalise on to build on.

That ability to network and build with anyone is one of the most exciting parts of ARC.

The synergies between builders are something that will be unique with every group of builders you put together. And with the curated community that ARC is putting together, the potential collaborations and ideas that will be spun off from this community is something that really excites me.