Allowlisted for Pyxis or ARC Stellars?

Mint Now

Patrick Lee

A common mistake founders make is trying to do everything for everyone.

I’ve seen many pitch decks where startups compare a list of features they have against their competitors and the list goes all the way down. They think that doing everything is the way to go, but it’s actually the exact opposite. Do one thing and do it better than anyone.

When I look for opportunities or companies to invest in, traction and product market fit is obviously the goal. Funnily enough, I was originally skeptical of the blockchain space but I gradually came around. The big question for me was whether or not Web3 represents another major technology shift similar to desktop computing, the internet, and mobile

Personally, I am most interested in how Web3 can enable communities. Take ARC for instance, I think it is a very interesting approach to have a very high-quality group of people that actively engage and support one another in a friendly and positive community.

It’s something I’ve thought a lot about and I want to participate and learn more.