Allowlisted for Pyxis or ARC Stellars?

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Kevin Wu

“Before NFTs, it was almost impossible to compete against the biggest lifestyle brands and media juggernauts to carve out a market for ourselves.

But today, that seemingly impossible task is now a possibility.

The Web3 space excites me because it opens up a new blue ocean of opportunity that allows new brands, artists, and entrepreneurs to innovate and establish themselves.

The focus on community, being transparent and always communicating with them, the ability for collectors to own collectibles in a liquid market where you can trade them in easy ways opens up such a new and interesting dynamic for creators.

Of course with everything new, not everyone will get it, and not immediately. Most people didn’t get why people bought art in Web2, like why people paid hundreds of millions of dollars for a Da Vinci, or splashed a million for a Charizard Pokemon card.

Is it rational? To you, maybe not. But to someone else, it can make complete sense.

Others might think of NFTs as a scam, or a way to extract money from people. Sure, I believe that 99% of NFTs will go to zero over the years, but the 1% that remain will become the biggest consumer brands, intellectual property franchises and artists of this generation.

Some think that NFTs are just pictures. But with PFP (profile picture) NFTs, collectors see more than just an image, they see their digital identities on social media.

What excites me most about the concept of NFTs is community building. After meeting many NFT collectors over the years I found that the people with this common interest truly come from very diverse backgrounds.

I think the beauty of ARC is that it brings community building to a whole new level with an independent platform and curated like-minded members, and bridge them not only in a virtual world, but also with physical events and gatherings.”