Allowlisted for Pyxis or ARC Stellars?

Mint Now

Kathy Zheng

“I started my fashion brand SVNDZ as a way for me to showcase my creativity. It’s actually pronounced Seven Days with the “Z” at the end as a nod to my last name, Zheng. The letter “Z” in my logo even incorporates the number 7 within it.

The number 7 has such a significance in my life, I even have a tattoo of it behind my neck. Not only is it my lucky number but it’s a lucky number in general – as you can tell, I’m a pretty superstitious person. The month of July has also been significant to me. It’s a romantic month, like the beginning of summer, and it was a moment that I felt I really grew and matured as a person.

More importantly, as an identity for the brand, I wanted to make clothes that people felt comfortable wearing all seven days of the week. We’re often more dressed up on weekdays at school or work, and more casual when we’re hanging out on the weekdays. The philosophy of SVNDZ was to create clothes that anyone could feel comfortable while looking great for any occasion.

Starting a fashion brand from scratch wasn’t easy though. I didn’t major in fashion and spent most of my time in college working alone. So building the brand really required me to study the many aspects of fashion, not just designing but production as well.

I began to learn the importance of patience and communication. I learnt that nothing starts out as perfect as the picture you had in your head. So you always have to find a way to bridge the difference bit by bit. And in that process, you’re improving yourself and getting better at the same time.

But more importantly, I learnt to become a team player. Surrounding yourself with good, creative people can take you so much further than going at it alone.

That’s the appeal I see in ARC, to have this space where creators from diverse areas meet to talk about ideas in a safe community. My hope is to build something with ARC that is progressive and creative, a place where we can create the future together.”