Allowlisted for Pyxis or ARC Stellars?

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NFTs changed my life. Before NFTs, I was a design student working three jobs to pay for fees and art supplies for school.

Then NFTs came along and I was exposed to the limitless possibilities of the space. Web3 has allowed me to continue to do what I love: create. My supporters grew organically and I was able to connect with so many people, not just online but in real life too. And these friends that I’ve made have helped me tremendously along the way and really helped me integrate into Web3.

That’s why I do think ARC is a great opportunity for me to do the same for others.

My first real break came from my project “loomcock” that finally sold at 3.33ETH. It was so surreal and fun. It was my first time auctioning an NFT on Opensea and was quite clueless, but thankfully an amazing friend Jebus helped me through the process.

The 24 hours after the listing went up was probably the most exciting 24 hours of my life, it was just pure adrenaline as I watched people outbid each other.

When it came to Froyoverse, it was all about passion. I wanted to bring together people who supported and appreciated my art to drive an impact in the web3 space. It started with free custom froyo cats for my supporters but as time went on, the cats started garnering more attention and my DMs were flooded with hundreds of requests for them. So, I created a generative kitten version for it as I knew I couldn’t possibly customise all of them.

With that, I was able to reach out to more people to be part of my community, and now ready for the journey ahead.

Moving forward, Froyoverse has plans to do more community-driven initiatives such as events and entertainment. It aligns so well with ARC’s vision of co-creation and growth. Everything about ARC excites me. I love the team, the loyal community it’s built, and its vision. I can’t wait to see what we can build together.


Friends of ARC is a series that showcases the diverse stories and perspectives of individuals that ARC is bringing together as a unique members-only community.