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Irene Zhao

To be honest, we didn’t expect IreneDAO to be the instant hit that it was. I was actually out swimming and by the time I came back from the pool, the entire 500 NFTs were gone. I didn’t even have one to myself.

IreneDAO was a proof-of-concept, a social experiment to prove that we could empower creators by connecting them with their communities via NFTs. The ultimate goal is to create hundreds or even thousands of these communities through the SO-COL platform, a startup I co-founded.

Our mission at SO-COL is to integrate NFTs in the core technology of the web. The hope is that NFTs become so seamlessly integrated that normal consumers do not see NFTs as a separate asset class but rather as an underlying technology that powers apps and services that they use every day.

Web2 is a closed ecosystem. It’s transactional and one-off. But in the Web3 space, there is continuous engagement.

That’s why I hope to inspire more creators to get into Web3. Doing too many ads or sponsored posts will dilute a creator’s branding and make one’s profile look inauthentic. But in Web3, and hopefully with the help of SO-COL, Web2 creators have a better way to monetise and generate a stable, recurring revenue stream and full creative freedom to curate the content exactly how they want it. It’s a better overall experience for the creator and for their communities.