Allowlisted for Pyxis or ARC Stellars?

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Deeps De Silva

“​​Most startups will not make it.

A lot of people think entrepreneurship is really exciting, but in reality it’s actually a lot of crying. It’s a hustle. So the one thing I always look for in founders is resilience. Because knowing that will help me understand how they go through tough times.

Investing and helping startups grow is my ikigai, my reason for being, and that helped me make the decision to form my own ventures company. As I had already been investing in startups prior to founding my venture firm Samadhi Ventures, I realised that the time I spent with founders and their teams was the best part of my day.

And Samadhi’s focus on growing the next generation of Web3 companies came really from timing, as the Web3 movement was growing and I was meeting with really smart founders who were using Web3 tech to solve real world problems.

One of the startups I invested in is an NFT studio and their latest division is aimed at helping musicians. There’s a lot of challenges in music right now for artists in terms of monetisation and how they get paid, so NFTs can provide a way for them to get paid for their work and craft, and build that lifestyle they want.

With Web3 still being so new, it’s important to have a place and a community where pioneers and builders can come together and have discussions about the problems we can solve with Web 3. After my interactions on the ARC beta, ARC can be this place where the smartest people in Web3 connect together to solve the world’s biggest problems.

What it all comes down to is community, a group of people that have together to form a tribe. Anyone who is new to ARC will be excited about being part of a tribe with a common purpose and goal.

Right now, it’s a place for pioneers and builders, and in the future, we will see it as a place for thought leaders that have built incredible Web3 solutions that have changed the world we live in.”