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Darius Sit

“​​Something I look for are people with CVs that might not look great traditionally. People who have pursued their interests and passions above all things. People like entrepreneurs, gamers, sportsmen.

These are people who are willing to take risks. Risk time and resources to pursue their passions.

When I began my career in traditional finance as a macro trader, you had to specialise. But in crypto trading, you need to expand your breadth of expertise. Understanding how gaming works, how art works, you need to have interests beyond a silo. Because in crypto, if you are closed to new ideas, you are going to be extremely limited.

Admittedly, there’s a lot of speculation in the crypto space right now and bad actors who are in it for a quick buck. Some of these projects that turn out poorly give the space a bad reputation. But at the core of it, I don’t think that’s what the crypto space is about.

Crypto is a space where anyone from anywhere and any station in life, can make a career for him or herself. It’s empowering. Before crypto, finance was dominated by institutions with big names. If you were a student from a background that doesn’t look like the kind of CV that a bank would hire, it was an uphill task if not impossible.

But crypto is a way to completely bypass that. It’s a huge equaliser. It’s very democratic in a sense.

And if you capture the cultural interest at the right time, you can make good money and a career for yourself. Growing up, if you were a person who likes playing games, your parents might say you’re wasting time, but today your interest is now suddenly monetisable.

Art wasn’t something I understood in the past, but NFTs today have gone beyond just art and beyond culture. It’s become about community. So while it took me a while to figure out how exactly I think about NFTs, if it’s about community and a community that I understand, it’s something I’d love to be a part of.”