Allowlisted for Pyxis or ARC Stellars?

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Danny Chong

It’s natural to have doubts about Blockchain & Web3, given humans are creatures of facts and habits – “Seeing is believing”. In the era of Web2, when Facebook and Amazon first came about, there were also doubts about its viability as a business model. Many firms didn’t last and fizzled out along the way.

Rather than spending time refuting detractors and non-believers, more efforts and energies should be spent on building up the space. It’s also easier to convince and explain Web3 once a better established ecosystem and set of product suites accompanying it comes about.

Take DeFi for instance. DeFi 1.0 was never meant for mass adoption and as such, UI/UX complexity was designed more for tech-savvy individuals; Bad actors came into the picture and it was clear that design and security issues needed to be addressed and improved. DeFi 2.0’s evolution into a better form of decentralised finance is continuous work in progress, and offers a more synergetic growth in tandem with Web3 expansion.

Web3 is still being shaped and developed at this juncture, which is why it’s so important that every one of us plays a part to mould it into its best form possible.

So when I was introduced to ARC, I was excited for many reasons. For one, its founders are homegrown Singaporeans trying to make a difference in the world of Web3.

Secondly, its ideology of a Web3 membership access to a social network leveraging on strength and experiences across industries is innovative and refreshing.

Last but not least, the eventual form of ARC is continuously evolving. This unknown final form is both a process and a target for everyone involved to work towards, but more importantly, it’s something that every one of us can dream up and contribute towards.

Collaborations and conversations are taking place on a daily basis at different levels across two or more ARC members or even with the entire ARC community. There’s endless potential, helping everyone to gain further knowledge and a foothold into Web3, the metaverse and beyond. A place that allows everyone to “grow as you learn and learn as you grow.”