Allowlisted for Pyxis or ARC Stellars?

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Bing Wang

Having been in the crypto scene since 2013, I’ve gone through the emotional rollercoaster of multiple bull runs. I see many similarities between the Internet revolution and Web3, and how companies try to disrupt them — first they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

As the crypto macro economy stabilises, I predict that 2023 will see more realistic valuations and better investment opportunities, leading to a significant maturation of the industry.

Blockchain technology will cause a paradigm shift of increased power, transparency and choice for users, and I want to play a part in creating the most valuable Web3 communities in the world.

A good community is worth infinitely more than the floor price of a quick flip or NFT, and you will go much further working with like-minded visionaries than trying to keep it all for yourself.

As a community lead at Neo Tokyo, a collection of builders, creatives, VCs and influencers, I see a similar movement in how ARC wants to create a hyper-valuable network that is inclusive and dedicated to succeeding together in the space.

ARC has all the ingredients to be a long-term, serious community in Web3. We have the privilege of working with the most plugged-in people in the space, from the Stellars and Pyxis holders to the ARC team themselves.

Facilitating meaningful connections using a dedicated application really electrifies the process of bringing value, synergising and maximising opportunities for the ARC community to build and succeed together. Let’s connect and build together.