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ARC is a close-knit community of the intellectually curious, passionate builders and culture-pushers. Built on the belief that community is the key to creating a future that excites and motivates everyone, we’re driven by a people-focused vision of co-creation, connection, and play.

At ARC, we believe that when like-minded people come together, it can spark infinite possibilities.

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Our Utility

Unexplored possibilities, all within the ARC community. 

To become a member of the ARC community, you’ll need to own both Pyxis, our free curation and account-bound token, as well as ARC’s NFT (more details coming soon!)


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Pyxis only

ARC app
ARC Playgrounds
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Prioritised access to future ARC NFT collections
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ARC’s private Discord channel

ARC NFT only

ARC app
ARC Playgrounds
ARC x Brands
Prioritised access to future ARC NFT collections
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ARC Merchandise
ARC’s private Discord channel

Want to join us?

  1. Submit your application

    The first step to becoming an ARC member is to submit an application to become allowlisted. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

    Apply now

  2. Get allowlisted and mint Pyxis for free

    Pyxis is ARC’s curation and account-bound token. Once allowlisted, you’ll be able to mint it for free to enjoy utilities as a Pyxis holder.

  3. Mint the ARC NFT

    The NFT is your digital identity within the ARC community and serves as an entryway for accessing a variety of utilities.

  4. Access utility-infused experiences

    With both Pyxis and the ARC NFT, you’ll be able to unlock the full suite of utilities as an official member of the ARC community.

Who are we looking for?

ARC is passionate about meeting people who beat with the same heart as we do. If you’re someone who embodies our community-driven qualities, we want you!

We’re looking for those who are progressive, open, and ready to embrace diverse opinions and robust exchanges.

At ARC, we believe that when we help each other grow, we all grow stronger as a collective. How do you see yourself contributing to the community? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

Diverse Storytellers
Every individual member brings to the table their own journeys, skillsets and perspectives. This diverse tapestry of unique experiences creates a colourful learning experience for fellow members. What’s your story?

At ARC, we’re building a future-facing community that’s ready to challenge the status quo every day. Are you a digital nomad pioneering the next wave of Web3 technologies or a multi-disciplinary artist who works with collaborators across the globe? Tell us.

Above all, we want to understand if you stand for the same values and beliefs as ARC, so your answers to the open-ended questions will be key.

All applications will be reviewed and a committee of OG community members will come to a decision on the allowlisting of applicants.

How can I be prioritised to mint the ARC NFT?

All allowlisted applications will be able to mint Pyxis, our curation and account-bound token, for free. The next stage in the application process is to mint the ARC NFT.

  • To be eligible for minting the ARC NFT, you must ensure that you have minted Pyxis.
  • You’ll then be prioritised to mint the ARC NFT based on your minting date for Pyxis – the earlier you minted, the better (OG ARC members LFG!)
  • You’ll also be prioritised if you have sufficient funds in your wallet that match the price of the ARC NFT (to be announced at a later date).

Becoming an ARC member

We are a welcoming space that sees open exchanges, reciprocal conversations, and the agency of participation as the driving force to a thriving environment.

That is why these values are important to us.

Welcoming of diversity
Supportive and patient with people of all backgrounds, cultural reference points, or expressions of speech.

We are here to connect, support and collaborate as a collective. Encourage idea-sharing when interacting with others in the community.

Listen carefully and take a pause before reacting. Practice self-reflection and be responsible for your actions. Put people first, and let ideas follow.

Assume good faith and intentions, and uphold a safe, uplifting space that respects diverse opinions and perspectives.

Be genuine and bring good intentions. Speak from personal experience when you can and provide accurate information about yourself. Never impersonate or misrepresent.